Charlotte Saltwater Sport Fishing Club is open to everyone who enjoys fishing in saltwater.  Club members, consisting of fly fishermen, kayak fishermen, surf fishermen, pier fishermen and boat fishermen, often like to share experiences and possibly learn a bit more about fishing in saltwater.


On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, a monthly meeting for the Charlotte Saltwater Sport Fishing Club is held at:

Phone #: (704) 847-8911

Monthly Meeting Schedule (2nd Tuesday of each month)

6:30pm – A social time for members to exchange stories and talk about their saltwater trips and whatever topics come up, all while enjoying dinner from a great menu selection or the buffet located in the meeting room.

7:00pm – A brief business meeting and shortly after, the raffle is concluded.  The raffle includes items of use to saltwater fisherman, with the proceeds going to the club fund, which makes its way as a donation to the Reef Fund.

~7:30pm – Guest speaker for the month, or a “hands on workshop” session devoted to member requested fishing topics.

Each month, our President (Rick Roberts), writes the Club Talk newsletter, which tells us what the next months program will be and other information about current club news. This newsletter is posted on the club website on the Club Talk page.

Please surf our web site to find out more about our club, and please come join us at our next meeting! For answers to any questions you might have, please Contact Us.

Please note: Charlotte Saltwater Sport Fishing Club’s initials are CSSC however the website maintains as its domain name.